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Great news - we have heard from 2 different (and reliable) sources today that the Spanish government are lifting the requirement for non-EU citizens to obtain authorization from the Ministry of Defence when buying properties in designated military zones if the land is urban (but not if the land is rustic). This law is currently causing lots of delays (and expense) for British buyers (as well as all other non-EU citizens) - and even for people waiting to inherit properties that they already part-own! So, we are delighted to hear this news, which we hope to be able to confirm in due course. We are also waiting to hear confirmation from the land registry in this area that they will waive this requirement immediately or not.

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Our billboard has been freshened up this week with a brand new design.  It´s located on the Ronda Oeste ring road, San Miguel de Salinas.  Hope you spot it if you´re in the area!

Villas Fox publicity billboard San Miguel de Salinas advertising 2021

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Some good news for our British buyers today! One of the main banks we work with has announced that British clients will once again be given the same mortgage conditions as EU clients, and the maximum LTV (loan-to-value) will no longer be 60% for all British clients as it has been for some time, but will now be raised to 70% for non-residents (ie if you´re buying a holiday home) and 80% for residents in Spain. Terms and conditions will as usual, apply! We also work with a Spanish mortgage broker who can get loans up to 100% for residents, depending on your profile. Talk to us today if you need a Spanish mortgage. You don´t need to be buying one of our properties - we will still try to find you a good mortgage advisor.


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It was cloudy yesterday (Sunday), so Sorelle and I thought it would be a good idea to try to climb the hill behind the seminary in Orihuela (as you do).  We´d tried it before and failed miserably, but the views are great from up there, and I imagine even better if you can make it to the top!

Parking is difficult in Orihuela, so we just went straight to the big car park where they hold the market (here and set off walking from there.

The sun broke through the clouds almost straight away and the temperature started to rise, so basically we stopped at the first bar we came across to have a drink!  It was set in a lovely square by one of Orihuela´s many churches, and just looked too tempting.  I took this quick 360º video as we were waiting for our drinks, to show you how noisy it can be when the bells start!  The bar is called Los Monaguillos (the altar boys) and is in the Plaza de la Anunciación (  It´s not that cheap but it´s a bit upmarket.  A drink and tapa (fantastic ensaladilla rusa - best we can remember) was 3.50€.


20210411 125538

We then headed off to the start of the ascent (here: from where the road leads up 650 metres in distance and 66 metres in height to the seminary, where you can pause to get your breath back!

Screenshot 20210412 141757 Insta360

Then you carry on the path behind the seminary until you get to here:

20210411 135728

Now, this is where we keep going wrong!  You´re supposed to turn right here up the steps.  That´s the easier way.  But we keep carrying on and ending up having to rejoin the main route via a very steep path which is quite difficult to navigate.

You need good footwear whichever route you take, but if you follow the painted arrows which start further up, you should be OK.

20210411 133745

This is what it looks like going up, and if you´re not good with heights, I wouldn´t recommend it.  We´re not that great with heights ourselves, which is why we were shaking and clinging on to each other as little children skipped happily past us without a care in the world!!


So the 360º photo above is a record of how high we managed to get THIS time, which was a bit pathetic really, as we didn´t even reach the castle, never mind the Cruz de Muela cross which is the peak.  One day we will do it!  Maybe!!

The descent reminded me how creaky one of my knees is and that a walking stick might be required next time!


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