We can assist you to open a bank account in Spain, which you will need if you own a property here. 


We need the following:


* Copy of your passport

* Mobile phone number

* Email address

* Profession

* Proof of your home address (water, electricity or telephone bill)

* Proof of income (wage slip or tax return)

* Your TAX NUMBER in your home country

* Address of property in Spain you currently own, or intend to buy


You can send all the above information to us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and we will help you to open a bank account in Spain at a branch close to your current or future Spanish home!


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Client Reviews

Vi har fra den første dag oplevet en fantastisk service. Fox står til rådighed med alt hvad vi har haft brug for at hjælp til både handel, hus fremvisning og efterfølgende tvivlspørgsmål. Vi vil til hver en tid anbefale de til andre.

(We have experienced great service from day one. Villas Fox were available with everything we needed to help with both buying, house showing and subsequent questions. We will always recommend them to others.)


John Thorlak
Monday, 20 September 2021